Great news! We will be getting a new shipwreck this year. 150' Lady Philomena will be sunk on site 12 near the southwest culvert pile!

If one new ship wreck wasn't enough, there will be a second ship sunk right next to Lady Philomena! It's a 90' tugboat call the Everglades.


On June 23rd 2018 Volusia County Coastal Division reefed 2 ships near the southeast culvert pile in site 12. The Lady Philomena a 150' cargo ship that was seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection in March of 2017 for attempting to smuggle drugs in to the US. Then a second ship, a 90' tug called the Everglades. They were both sunk within minutes of each other!

The Lady Philomena a 150' cargo ship


90' tugboat called the Everglades